IamMVP.com is interested in inserts #d 0001 of any. Example 001/250 or 0001/1000.

Especially desired are Hockey cards from 1993-1997 from print runs of 1000 or more. 

While 0001 cards are unique, we are not trying to acquire every one, the more details you would provide the faster we would get back to you.



What we pay for MNT/NMNT cards (sharp corners, no scratches, no other visible defects...):
Print run of above 101 50% - 500% of Beckett high (High Interest). Example 001/500 Print run of 100 or less 10% - 50% of Beckett high (Low Interest). Example 01/25
Interested in less than Mint cards, please describe visible defects when sending e-mail.