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Chess Exam & Training Guide:

Submitting Your Results and Getting Feedback as well as Your other Questions Answered.



"I thoroughly enjoyed your book and took the test very seriously as I really want to improve. After finishing, I found that I am weak in Calculation, but after our one-on-one session I realized that my Calculation is OK while I am Defending, but needs to improve while Attacking. Also, it is OK in the Endgame, but a lot lower in the Middlegame. Also, after we look at some specific examples, you discovered that it is my Process of Thinking (selecting moves candidates and testing them) needs slight adjustment. Thank you! Also, thank you for additional exercises you e-mailed me on Calculation while Attacking in the Middlegame!" - J.S. Class C


Here is another unsolicited comment that I saw on the web. This is after our session in Feb 2008. Click here. In general, a very interesting blog from someone who is honestly trying to improve. Greg describes himself as a "Middle aged education professional who has returned to chess after a few decades of going to school, working, and raising a family" 


Improvement Process - Success In Simple Steps (PDF) - Watch The Video: (click bottom right corner of the video to get the full screen)

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I review your results, we discuss your situation, my recommendations and all you questions.


1. You submit your answers, scores and fill out a brief questionnaire (rating progress, recent results, book read etc…)

2. Make a payment and schedule phone / e-mail consultation.

3. I review your submission and provide your with the following report (1-2 hours).

4. We discuss my findings and your questions on the phone – ½ hour, 1 hour or 1½ hours or I send you e-mail with summary. No extra charges on your phone bill - I will call you (US and Canada). Non-US - you call me or we can do e-mail session.

We can also talk and even do a video call using Skype. We can also meet on ICC ( and do a review there (no typing required! talk on the phone and view the board/move pieces too). The latter is especially great for discussing your games.

5. Complete details below:


1-2 hours review + Phone discussion + 3-6 months Training Plan + Special Tips:

½ hour -  $95
1 hour -  $135
1½ hours - $175
E-mail - Suggested for Non-US / Non Skype users, who prefers to avoid phone charges  $95

Super Evaluation - add 3 of your recent games for my review (and light notes) to any of the above Test Review options. Having seen your test results (theoretical preparation) and your games (execution under the pressure), I would have the best opportunity to provide you with the most accurate feedback. Stand-alone - this service is $80, but as a recommended add-on to the review of your test result it is $60. (Must be purchased together)




PayPal is a preferred method of payment, but you can also mail Check or Money Order:

Igor Khmelnitsky

PO Box 60088

King of Prussia, PA 19406


Questions or Comments: send me an E-mail


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Thank you for purchasing my book “Chess Exam and Training Guide.” I’ll look forward to your feedback.

You might be interested in my personal review of your results and a subsequent one-on-one session (in my office or via phone) or e-mail consultation to discuss my findings and recommendations for your future training (on your own or with my continuous guidance).

  Here is the brief overview of the process:

 You will:

·          Make a payment via check or credit card,

·        Submit your results (answers for each question and final ratings) here

·          Answer a brief questionnaire (I will send you one upon receiving payment).

 I will spend 1-2 hrs to:

·          Examine your questionnaire to establish a general profile, including your experience and goals,

·          Evaluate your results, perform additional assessments using different datasets. For example: how is your Calculation in Endgame vs. Middlegame. Are you better Attacking or Defending in the Middlegame etc… You will get this report.

·          Prepare questions and supplementary exercises.

 We set up mutually convenient time to do a session. During the session we will:

·          Discuss my findings,

·          Review a handful specific examples from the test,

·          Do a couple of additional exercises to examine your decision making process,

·          Discuss a training plan that suits your skills and your goals,

·          Answer your questions  

We can also talk and even do a video call using Skype. We can also meet on ICC ( and do a review there (no typing required! talk on the phone and view the board/move pieces too). The latter is especially great for discussing your games.

 If you are ready to sign up please select how long a session (in-office or phone) you would like to reserve - 30 min, 60 min or 90 min or e-mail (non-US). Next, You can make payment with credit card via PayPal or send me a check. Fees and payment info - above.

Let me know what is your preference or if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. If you select a phone session and are located in US or Canada – I will call you (no extra phone charges). International players will have to call me, although I can also do a consultation via e-mail.