Chiong (2350) - IM Khmelnitsky, Igor (2500) [A57]
Nat'l Congress (4), 26.11.2001

[IM Igor Khmelnitsky]

1. Evaluate the position

 2. White played 45.Rb1. How should Black respond?

Black can CheckMate   A 46...Rxg2
B  Black is winning B 46...Rxb1
C  Equal/Draw C 46...Rff2
D  White is better  D 46...Rbb2

Black to move! 

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Answer - Chiong - IM Khmelnitsky, Igor  Black to Move!

Black has a winning postion yet White has some threats that shouldn't be ignored. Black shouldn't loose sight of White's threats along the b-file. During the game I was aiming at the two mating ideas - doubling rooks on the 2d rank or sucrifising the Rxg2 and then Rg4+ and Q comes in with checks and mate! I was a little dissapointed when he played Qc8+ and took xg4 under control. However .... 
 45...Rxg2+!! 46.Kxg2 Rf2+ 47.Kg1 Qf3 No defense from Qg2# IM Igor Khmelnitsky
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