IM Khmelnitsky, Igor - Figler, Ilia
NJ-Open Somerset (6), 09.2001
[IM Igor Khmelnitsky]

1. Evaluate the position

 2. White played 46.Ree8. How should Black respond?

White is winning   A 46...Rxa4
B  White is better B 46...Rc5
C  Equal/Draw C 46...Rdd4
D  Black is better  D 46...Bb1

White to move! 

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Answer - IM Khmelnitsky, Igor - Figler, Ilia (NJ-Open Somerset (6), 09.2001) White to Move!

Majority of chessplayers are a lot better attackers than defenders. Yet, one can improve significantly if he works hard of developing his defensive skills. If you panicked and thought that White was winning or even better, you misjudged the position! 
White's pieces are surrounding Black's King, yet surprisingly Black is OK. He is at least equal and it is White who needs to force the draw. Black should plan to utilize one Rook, Bishop and pawn f7 to defend his King and send the other rook after White's weak Q-side pawns. White will have to settle for perpetual check! 
46.Ree8!  46...Rc5?? Fails to simple, but beautiful ... [46...Rd1=; 46...Rd7=; 46...Bb1?? 47.Ke5+-; 46...Rdd4 47.f3 Rxa4=; 46...Rxa4 47.Ke5 Rxe4+ 48.Kxe4 Black will have tough defense] 47.Rh7+!! Attraction 47...Kxh7 [47...Kf6 48.Rh6+ Kg7 49.Rxd6 wins] 48.f6+ Kh6 49.Rh8#  IM Igor Khmelnitsky
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