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I have been coaching for over 20 years now and have seen it all!

Back in Ukraine, I was assisting to several local masters, (now grandmasters), woman grandmaster Lidia Semenova – World Championship semifinalist, Ukrainian children and junior teams (among the members current super GMs – V.Ivanchuk, B.Alterman, A.Maximenko, M.Brodsky etc…).


Since moving to the US in 1991, I have been teaching in-office (Philadelphia area) via phone and Internet. My students vary –

They also have various background – Students, Mechanics, Construction Workers, PhDs, Brokers, Lawyers, Doctors, Sport Celebrities, Businessmen (including “Entrepreneur” magazine’s – Entrepreneur of the Year)


All have the same common goal – to improve and get better at this great game! They all have different reasons –

I am pleased to say that overwhelmed majority is satisfied with my services.

Here are a few of their comments:


Chess Lessons:



Thanks again for the test report and the consultation. It has aimed me in the right direction for my future chess studies. I'm glad I finally finished the test."

Paul Clift, (USCF 1910)  3/2004


"...My brother loves chess and he will be celebrating his 19th birthday on October 4th. I would love to offer him a 3-4hour chess lesson with you if you do that sort of thing..." - Stephanie. "Dear Igor, Thanks again for giving John a lesson this past weekend. He really enjoyed it. Best regards, Stephanie" 11/2003


"...Thank you helping with my opening problems. I am not afraid to face 1.d4 anymore..." FD (1400); 4/2002


“…thank you for helping me in raising my rating from approximately 2200 to 2440+...” RC (in about 2 years) (4/1994)


Chess Evaluation test:


Dear IM Khmelnitsky,
I completed your excellent test and will attach my file below.  I purchased the platinum version, so I have all the reports.


First, let me congratulate you on an excellent product.  The exam questions are both challenging and entertaining. The problems also demonstrate the "layers" of insight that make chess such a deep game.

My calculated rating (1889 overall from the test) happened to fall close to my current USCF rating of 1857 (down slightly from an earlier 1900).  Impressive.  More impressive (to me) was that my areas of strength and weakness, as
tabulated in the reports, fit very well with my intuitive self assessment!  I always figured I was a bit weak in calculation and perceived threats, but you test showed me how much this was true!


I'd like ....

Curt Munson (3/2004)



Igor suggested I take his evaluation test so as to find out my strengths and weaknesses. I reluctantly agreed, since 100 positions, 200 questions at ten to twenty minutes each was going to take quite a chunk of time. I did a few positions a day for several weeks until complete. But the report you get at the end of all this work makes it all extremely worthwhile. The report rates you on 13 key elements in chess: attack, strategy, middlegames, etc. The report was very revealing. Also included was a list of some specific books to use to help me improve in my weaker areas. I highly recommend taking the test. 

Paul Clift, rating 1910 (3/2004)



At your suggested 20 minutes per position your 100 position-200 question test took me over 3 weeks to complete! It's tough these days to find time for chess when you have a full time job and kids to bring up. However this massive initial investment of time can pay dividends via the reports which focus on your strengths and weaknesses. I believe there are 13 reports which analyze your game from Overall to more detailed reports such as Endgame, Tactics, and Recognizing Threats. In addition to the statistics on how well you performed compared to Unrated players through the Grandmaster level, you are presented with recommendations on how to improve. It is easy to see where to place your precious chess study time. Now that I know the road to improvement, I'll try to convince my chess students to take this test.
Bob Lynch
Elementary School Chess Coach
Ocean Township, New Jersey 


Thank you for taking your time to make the test. Regards, Milos Kascak (2003)


This is a absolutely great test. I am working my way through this and love all the work that you have done so far. SC (2003)


I enclose my answers for your excellent test. I hope to buy more reports soon. NW (2003)


Hi Igor,
I found the test very interesting, pretty difficult and very well designed. I expect this test is going to unveil my weaknesses without mercy. The selection of exercises by all means denotes an undeniable coaching experience and profound feeling of where the dog is buried. I liked also, how the test was conceived technically. I guess one of its virtues is, that it does not allow to use other programs at the same time. I confess I was tempted to consult the computer several times but fortunately that was not possible. I presume, you've done it intentionally and not without reason !
I have also noticed that the possible answers were sometimes very tricky and sometimes one could solve the exercise not only by using his chess skills but also by using his pure logic.
It goes without saying that the idea behind the test was also to awake the curiosity of the solver to think about his own weak points and trying to get rid of them. In such case your help would be of course invaluable as you already possess a thorough scan of the potential pupil's chess personality. I raised this very question to myself and I'm curious as well. Therefore I ask you to suggest me how to proceede and what are your terms ?

I would like to express my sincere congratulations and admiration for the whole project and I'm looking forward hearing from you again.

Best wishes,
Dusan Merlini




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