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Chess Training Tools: Software, Books and Periodicals Recommended in the Book - Chess Exam & Training Guide

Based on your results from each of the 12 tested categories. Check corresponding chapters in the book to learn more.


 Chess Software:


Many programs have been revised and updates since I saw them. In parentheses, you can find the latest version I am using. Check my website for updated info.


ChessBase family (by ChessBase -

ChessBase (8) - Database managing program for experienced players;

Fritz (8) playing software for experienced players;

Fritz & Chester teaching & playing software for children (novice level)

Available for PC platform.


Chessmaster  (by UBI Soft.

Chessmaster (9000) teaching & playing software for all ages & levels. Available for PC & Mac platforms.


ChessAssistant family (by Convekta, Ltd. standalone training tools - Advanced Chess School, Chess Endgame Training, Chess tactics for Intermediate Players, CT-ART (3.0),  Strategy, Studies (2.0), , and others. Available for PC platform.



Chess Books:


1953 Interzonal by David Bronstein.

1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate by Fred Reinfeld

1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations by Fred Reinfeld

Art of Attack in Chess by Milan Vukovich.

Attack and Defense by Mark Dvoretsky

Attacking Technique by Colin Crouch

Attacking with 1.e4  by John Emms

Basic Chess Endings by Ruben Fine

Blunders and How to Avoid Them by Angus Dunnington

Chess Endings, Essential Knowledge by Yuri Averbach.

Chess Software User's Guide by Byron Jacobs

Combinational Motif by Maxim Bloch

Encyclopedia of Errors in Openings by Anatoly Matsukevitch

Endgame Challenge by John Hall

Endgame Manual by Mark Dvoretsky

Endgame Strategy - I by Michail Shereshevsky

Endgame Strategy - II by Michail Shereshevsky

Fire on the Board by Alexei Shirov

Fundamental Chess Endgames by Karsten Muller and David Lamperht.

How to Defend in Chess by Colin Crouch

How to Use Computers to Improve Your Chess  by Christian Kongsted

Ideas behind Chess Openings by Ruben Fine

King in Jeopardy by Lev Alburt and Sam Palatnik

Logical Chess by Irvin Chernev

Looking for Trouble by Dan Heisman

Mastering Chess Opening by Byron Jacobs

Manual of Chess Combinations 1 by Sergei Ivashenko

Manual of Chess Combinations 2 by Sergei Ivashenko

Manual of Chess Combinations 3 by Alexander Mazja

Manual of Chess Endgames by Sarhan Guliev

My System by Aaron Nimtsovitch

Opening Preparation by Mark Dvoretsky

Positional Play by Mark Dvoretsky 

Reassess Your Chess by Jeremy Silman

Road to Chess Improvement by Alex Yermolinsky

Simple Chess by John Emms

Starting out various openings covered by various authors

Understanding the Sacrifice by Angus Dunnington

Understating chess Move by Move by John Nunn.

Winning Chess Openings by Yasser Seirawan

Winning Pawn Structures by Alex Baburin

Chess Periodicals: Magazines and Websites:


What should you expect from a quality chess magazine or website? In my view accurate and timely chess news, commentaries by leading players and organizers, quality articles, annotated games and tournament schedules. Here are a few of my favorites sources:


ChessToday (daily via e-mail)

Chess Informant

New in Chess

Chess Life

64   (in Russian)





ChesAssistant: http:///




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