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Chess Strategy Package - fantastic  books $8 per book!

Click to enlarge and see the 10 books. 2 best chess book award winners - Stohl and Aagard. The bottom 4 are used, but in very good to 'like new' condition. The top 6 are new. Total value is over $170. You get it for $80 + $12 insured shipping (US). Non-US - $27 shipping, insurance extra. Free 2006/2007 chess cartoon calendar ($8) and other extras.



Pocket PC package - (NEW)

Pocket Encyclopedia of Middlegame ($26), Pocket Chess Endings ($26), Pocket Chess Strategy ($26). Free insured shipping (US) $78 $63 US, 

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Pocket Chess Endings runs on Pocket PCs with Windows Mobile 2005, Windows Mobile 2003 and Pocket PC 2002. Installation requires a PC.


Mega Database 2006 - 3.2 Mil games, over 60,000 annotated games and players database. This is very useful, but only if you already have ChessBase program. Dvd-drive required.  $169 regular price. My sale price for new $139. Original, not sealed box, but 99% new - $89 + $5.95 insured shipping (US). 

Click to see details and PC requirements before ordering



Training package - 3 books 

A. Soltis - Grandmaster Secrets: Openings

Edmar Mednis The King in the Middlegame

Anthony J. Gillam Attacking the King in the Center

See details from publisher by clicking on each book.

See my comments and also cost if purchased individually here 

List $44 + shipping - you pay $26 (US) or $38 (Non-US - insurance extra)



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Book Package 1: French: - 5 books

Kosten / The French Advance / ISBN 1-901259-10-2 / $20 / like new

Psakhis / The Complete French / ISBN 0-8050-2641-x / $22 / like new

Watson / Play the French / ISBN 0-08-026929-x / $20 / very good - small crease on the back

Soltis / Beating the French with Advance variation / 0-87568-223-5 / $15 / like new

Short / The French Defense / 0948443138/ $15 / Like new


Approx.  $92 + shipping. Your price - $39 + $5 insured shipping (US); or + $25 shipping non-US (insurance extra).



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Book Package 2: Pirc / Modern: - 5 books

Gallakher / Starting Out Pirc/Modern / 1-85744-336-5 / $17 / Like new

Chernin / The Pirc Defense / 1-880673-16-9 / $18 / like new

Speelman & McDonald / Modern Defense / 1-85744-281-4/ $20 / Like new

Soltis A black defensive system with 1.d6 / 0-87568-244-8 / $17 / Like new

Nunn New ideas in the Pirc Defense / 0-8050-2939-7 / $17 / Very good


Approx. $89 + shipping. Your price - $39 + $5 shipping (US); or + $25 shipping non-US (insurance extra).

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  (NEW) Book Package 3: Slav Defense: - 4 books

Markov, Shipkov  / Winning with the Slav / 0-8050-3283-5 / $20 / Like new

Flear / The Slav for the Tournament Payer / 0-7134-5635-3 / $15 / Older, but new

Flear / The a6 slav / 1-85744-320-9/ $20 / New

Sadler / The Slav / 1 901259 005 / $20 / Like new


Approx. $75 + shipping. Your price - $35 + $5 shipping (US); or + $25 shipping non-US (insurance extra).


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  (NEW) Chess Informant #88-92 (set of 5)

Intended Audience Players 1600 - 2600. All recent games (2003/2005 annotated by World Elite Grandmasters - Kasparov, Kramnik, Anand etc...) Excellent book - for opening preparation. (Also, included with each - CDs)


Approx. $175 + shipping. Your price - $110 + $10 insured shipping (US); or + $30 shipping non-US (insurance extra).





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Alekhine Benko Caro Can Misc 1.d4 Dutch Offbeat Exch. Rui Sicilian -1
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Sicilian - 2              


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Learn more about some of the books I have - all of the below information is from the publisher.

Anthony J. Gillam Attacking the King in the Center

Your opponent's King is more vulnerable to attack while it remains in the center of the board, hence the early castling to remove the King to a safer position. But conditions during the early moves often precludes castling, and proper early development of one's pieces can provide the strength to take advantage of the weaker King position. Here are 141 games illustrating attacks against such a King, with numerous diagrams to assist in following the attacking moves. The notes clearly explain the flow of the attack for the developing player. The author emphasizes the message to enjoy yourself! A quick attack against the opponent's King is a source of constant enjoyment, and here are the ways to accomplish this.


On the chessboard, an open line, a file or a diagonal, means an opportunity to attack. If a king stands on, or close to, that line then the opportunity is greater because the attack will be stronger.

Every game begins with the kings in the centre where they are most likely to be exposed to attack by the opening of files and diagonals. The first few moves of every game decide whether the king will be able to castle into relative safety or stand, and perhaps die, in the centre of the board.

Yet during those first few moves, the players have many other things to consider apart from the safety of their kings. They must establish a position in the critical central part of the board and they must bring into play as many of their forces as possible, in preparation for the future, whether that be attack or defense, or both. The games and positions in this book are arranged according to the direction from which the king is attacked. In this way, types of attack can most easily be seen. In the notes to the examples, you will find the most important aspect constantly referred to - the development of the pieces.

This is the real theme of the openings in chess. You cannot attack or defend without having your forces in play, so the opening is a competition in which you should seek to achieve more, or better, development. That is the real message of this book.

The other message is - enjoy yourself! The surprise attacks, the cavalier way in which pieces can be thrown away, the impossible positions you can put an opponent into and the way you can chase him down, are all part of playing the game, once you have established a superior position.

Tony Gillam, Nottingham, England


GM Edmar Mednis - The King in the Middlegame

The middle game has tended to be the most difficult subject for authors to define for the chess student. Yet, for this reason the chess player needing to improve his or her game needs the greatest assistance, not in trying to memorize some set of "rules" which have more exceptions than uses, but in understanding and developing confidence in recognizing strategic themes which win games. This is the first book to approach the Middlegame from how to use the King as a useful and powerful tool, rather than simply putting it in as safe a place as possible and forgetting about it. Grandmaster Mednis has provided a multitude of game examples, clearly illustrating key concepts. There are 129 diagrams to assist the reader. This book will certainly serve as a guide to improving your game. Mednis has a well deserved reputation as a reliable teacher, and this book will only enhance that reputation.


005 Preface

009 Chapter 1: The Contained King

019 Chapter 2: King Moves to Prepare for Action

055 Chapter 3: King Moves to Mark Time

060 Chapter 4: To Be or Not to Be Afraid

069 Chapter 5: King Moves to Prevent Threats

077 Chapter 6: Performing Various Defensive Tasks

100 Chapter 7: Active in Defense

107 Chapter 8: The King in the Open

130 Chapter 9: The King on a Forced Flight

138 Chapter 10: The Aggressive King

159 Chapter 11: Erroneous King Activity

166 Chapter 12: Voluntary King Repositioning

174 Chapter 13: Correct/Incorrect King Moves




Andrew Soltis - Grandmaster Secrets: Openings


Nothing Like It In Chess Opening Literature!

If you want to score a lot of points when playing chess against good opponents you'll have to know how to play the opening well any books have been written to convey this concept and, with few exceptions, using them has often been unsatisfying and sheer drudgery often with old examples and writing lacking any great inspiration, direction, or usefulness.


Welcome to Grandmaster Secrets: Openings by NY Grandmaster and well-known chess author, Andrew Soltis. The "safe" not only contains the pearls of chess rewards (money, trophies, and chess antiquities), but also the pearls of wisdom, subjects seldom or never touched upon in those venerable tomes of chess "education."


Using a Socratic teacher-student approach in the characters of GM Noah Tall, and Pat Sayre, the topic of this aspect of chess centers around the subjects of materialism, give and take, myths, difficulties, picking and choosing, rules, decisions, de-booking, and many more - dealt with from a veteran chess grandmaster's perspective.


An illustrative way is used so that everyone can grasp the concepts quickly; to improve in a shorter amount of time. Charts, graphics, and modern games in algebraic notation will add to your enjoyment and a faster learning of the preliminary phase of chess. Volume 1 was Grandmaster Secrets: Endgames.


The opening phase is the easiest part of the game to play-if all you want to do is get to the Middlegame.

It's easy because it's the one part of a game in which you can rely on someone else's ideas, if not their exact moves.


Secondly, it's the one phase that you can learn and immediately apply what you've studied.

If you spend a weekend on the rudiments of the French Defense, for example, you can put them to work the next time someone opens 1. e4.


In contrast, if you study the minority attack, or a tactic such as smothered mate, it may take dozens of games before you can use what you've learned. (And the endgame is worse: I was already an International Master before I won a Bishops-of-opposite-color ending.) But while the opening is easy to play-if all you want to do is start the Middlegame-it's very hard to play well.

And that's not surprising when you look at the literature these days. I wonder how any amateur can make sense of the endless analysis, dumbed-down generalizations and just plain bad writing of opening books. Chess players love to learn-but they hate being taught, especially if it's done that way.

This book is based on the premise that there is another way-that good


007 1 White To Play And Lose

015 2 Opening - Think

037 3 Book

057 4 Picking And Choosing

081 5 Overruled

103 6 Decisions

127 7 De-Booked

145 8 Give And Take

165 9 Materialism

185 10 Getting Late

211 11 Taking Stock

229 12 The Chess Club

234 Index

239 Games