This is the collection of "MVP" cards. They all have some uniqueness that make them special. Cards belong either to Click on the card to see larger photo. We are always interested in 0001 Hockey cards from 1993-1999. We have many unique cards available for sale, including some of the listed below. Scroll down to learn more or click.

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Gretzky 01/99 Showcase your card here! Bure 01/25 Messier 1 of 100
gret008-2.JPG (65572 bytes) mj.JPG (48977 bytes)
Marino 0001/8799 Gretzky 008/100 Showcase your card here! Jordan 0001/2300
lund_1.JPG (16552 bytes) lind-sp2.JPG (48741 bytes) sapry-1.JPG (61870 bytes)
Showcase your card here! Lundmark (RC) 0001/2000 Lindros 053/100 Saprykin (RC) 0001/2000

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