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The Excel test should run fine on Win 98, Win 2000, Win NT and Excel 97 - 2000 (only 1% of users reported problems). Other versions may or may not have problems. Try the demo before paying. First 8-10 questions are FULLY functional, after that some features will start showing "DEMO". No refunds!

Also, some users reported new errors while running the test on Win XP Pro and/or Excel 2003. If you have run into some errors not listed in the FAQ, I suggest you save your time and buy the book. In addition to not having tech issues to deal with, the book offers a lot more in terms of annotations, instructions and training ideas.


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Congratulations! You have a unique opportunity to test your skills and compare them against thousands of players from all over the world (Unrated to GMs). Read Testimonials

I have very carefully selected 200 challenging questions among the thousands that  I have successfully used during my 20+ years career as a top-level player (highest USCF rating 2640) and coach.  Each position tests your understanding, knowledge and ability to calculate the best choice as well as to eliminate the bad ones. Strategy and Tactics, Middlegame and Endgame, Attack and Defense, etc…. - all the essential components of the chess will be tested! Click sample screen shots to see them larger




screenshot3b.jpg (17725 bytes)

screenshot2b.jpg (20352 bytes)

screenshot1b.jpg (34103 bytes)

I expect you to find these positions very challenging, but they will surely identify your problem areas and help you to focus your training on them. This test should be taken by any experienced player. Upon completion, you will be able to see how you did comparing to players of your level as well as to players from other levels. Preview some of the examples - QUIZ.

How cool would it be to find out that you have higher score on the "Pawn Endgame" topics than 50% of players with 2400+ rating! On the other hand, if you know that your score on "Tactics" is less than 90% in your group level, you know that this is where you will need to improve! I will also suggest books/materials that should help you improve in these areas!

Today the best coaches are charging anywhere between $100 and $200 for 2hr evaluation session. Believe me, even the best-prepared and most efficient coach can't offer more than 10 quality positions to test you during the 2hr. Moreover, he/she doesn't have a way to provide immediate accurate comparison to thousands of other players and tell you exactly where you stand and what you need to focus on! Well, here is your opportunity - 200 questions, 100 test positions, and all of the testing is FREE. Compare to what it would cost you in private sessions - an amazing $1,000-$2,000!
What is the catch you may ask? There is none! I am just hoping that you would like my methods and find them very useful.  Thus, you may order my unique reports, complete answer/explanations, consider my other services and refer others!
Go ahead, test yourself! Good luck!

International Master  Igor Khmelnitsky
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Note: I suggest you install the Demo and start running before making the payment. First several questions are fully functional! One you know it is running - purchase an upgrade! If you run into any questions - check FAQ for explanation on how to handle some common errors before giving up! If nothing works - buy the book!
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DEMO Download Instructions- create a folder C:\ChessTest\Test1, save the file(s)  there (use Right Mouse Click), double-click or right mouse click *.zip files to extract. Once downloaded and unzipped - open one of the new files - ReadmeFirst.doc for further instructions! Note that if while unzipping you get a message like ".Problem....Try do download again.." before doing that - use "Open with Winzip" feature and it may solve the problem! Check FAQ. Download Version 1.6
1. Create a folder C:\ChessTest\Test1 on your C drive. This is where you have to save the file(s)!
2. Select one of the following based on your PC capabilities and speed of Internet connection

Visual Basic / Excel

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